Tuesday 11 September 2018

(March 31, 2018) From Tirana, Albania to Athens, Greece

After checking out of my hotel, I shared a taxi to the airport with another orchestra member, headed off to Florence.  I got to the airport around 11:30am (for a flight at 4:45pm), but this gave me plenty of time to enjoy a cappuccino, check out the gift shops, and catch up on some reading and writing.

Back to the airport

An exciting Albanian novel...

(Later): Although the physical distance is not far from Tirana, Albania, to Athens, Greece, by the time I arrived, it felt like an exhaustingly long day of travel.  In Athens, I took the subway (which was extremely crowded), and met up with my partner Fraser, who was waiting for me at our hotel (Neos Olympos).  It was a relief to arrive, and to know that a week of pure relaxation awaited.  The only thing I hadn't anticipated was having my wallet disappear on the way over!  My best guess is that it was expertly swiped out of my purse, while riding the crowded Athens subway into town.  Not an auspicious way to start my holiday-- but we were able to make it work, somehow.  At least the larger purchases (i.e. our hotel bookings for the week) had already been made.

We enjoyed a leisurely late-night walk through town, before returning to our hotel.  The plan was to get up bright and early in the morning, to go tour the Acropolis before the large crowds arrived.

Athens by night

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