Monday 1 April 2013

Ciao di Sorrento!

March 24:

It's early afternoon, and I'm sitting on the patio of the suite we've rented in Sorrento, Italy, listening to the birds chirping, wind rustling the olive and citrus trees, and church bells tolling in the town below.  I'm enjoying some vino, a small lunch (fresh bread, mozzarella, and tomatoes), and a stunning view of the ocean out to the Bay of Naples.  Earlier this morning, Oliver and I walked into the town square of Sant' Agnello, which is basically straight down the hill-- the town is built up along the cliffs from the water.

View from our patio over the Bay of Naples-- Mt. Vesuvius in the background

neighbourhood cat begging for lunch

front door to the villa

It is Palm Sunday, and everyone was emerging from the church in the town square carrying olive branches.  We stocked up on groceries and vino, since the supermarket closes at 1:30pm on Sundays.  After a small breakfast on a patio in town, we hiked back up the hill to our place.  It is so peaceful and gorgeous here that it's hard to find the motivation to leave the patio!  But there is so much more to explore in the area-- I think we're planning to walk over to Sorrento and check out the marina later.  Hopefully a trip to the island of Capri is in the cards for later...

church in the town square- Sant' Agnello


We spent a lovely afternoon exploring the town of Sorrento.  We saw all the typical sights: lemon and orange trees, ceramic tiles, tourist shops with limoncello and more ceramic items... and of course the impressive views over the water.

Lemon trees and mosaics...

We also checked out the marina from above, but didn't walk all the way down-- I think we're planning to take a boat over to Capri tomorrow.  After enjoying an early dinner in town, we did a bit more walking around and exploring... it was quite windy and cold, but what a beautiful town!  

narrow roads through town
All the sidewalks in town were just as narrow as the roads... many times we had to walk single-file.  But the roads themselves are pretty amazing... twisty and hugging the cliffside.  Small cars, tiny 3-wheeler trucks and scooters are the norm.

One of the patio views from a cliffside hotel in Sorrento.
It was a bit too windy and cold to be sitting out there today, but we were able to check it out...

memorial to Torquato Tasso
Oliver leaning against an old door
Yes, it was windy!
Marina Grande di Sorrento

Arrivederci...  domani vediamo l'isola di Carpi!

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