Monday 1 April 2013

Getting out of town...

March 22:

Today was a beautiful, sunny spring day.  I was itching to get out of Tirana... I'd been hoping to visit a castle to the north, Kruja, and Oliver had been hoping to see the seaside town of Durres.  Both were only about an hour's drive away, but unfortunately the person who had offered us a ride was indisposed, and so Oliver and I decided to just wander around Tirana and shop.  We didn't buy anything other than a morning cappuccino and beer en route, but we did end up discovering a part of town I hadn't ever seen before.

It was a perfect way to get out of town, without actually going too far... we found a large park and walking trail through the woods, which snaked along beside a man-made lake, some caf├ęs, a small amphitheatre (probably from the communist era), plenty of trees and park benches... finally ending at Juvenilia Castle, where we enjoyed lunch.  Today was apparently a holiday too, so everyone was out and about... the park trails were very popular.

After a delicious lunch, we wandered around behind the stadium, where we were ambushed by a flock of sheep!  Luckily I had my camera ready...

We wandered around a bit more, through the eastern part of town, and back to our street, where thankfully the exchange was still open, and we were able to change our remaining Leke (Albanian currency) back into Euros, in preparation for our flight to Rome tomorrow.  The work is done-- now it's time to relax and enjoy!  Faleminderit and mirupafshim, Albania!  

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