Wednesday 12 September 2018

(April 1, 2018) The Acropolis

What a gorgeous day... after a morning coffee near our hotel, we walked up to see the Acropolis (before the large tourist crowds showed up!)  Part of it was bring restored-- there was some scaffolding in place, but that didn't spoil the magic of seeing these elegant ruins up close.

There was so much to see!  We spent the day wandering around the various sites, and taking in views of the surrounding area, from the highest vantage points in the city.  I loved seeing some of the intricately carved sculptures, and admiring the powerful, precise structure of the ancient amphitheatre.

I took plenty of photos, so as not to forget this elegant, majestic place... and I don't think Fraser minded posing for a few photos along the way!  We wandered until the sun went went down, which was pretty spectacular to witness from the top of the hill.  Then, back to our hotel for an early-ish night, since we're planning to take the ferry tomorrow over to the island of Milos.

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