Wednesday 12 September 2018

(April 7, 2018) Exploring the Green Spaces

Today was a marathon of walking-- Fraser and I explored quite a bit around town.  Having already been to the major tourist attraction (the Acropolis), we were free to explore the rest of the city.  Athens really does have some beautiful parks and green spaces.

Angel in the park

We passed by the Olympic Stadium, had then a bit of a challenging time finding coffee and an afternoon snack, since it was Sunday, and many places were closed.  Somehow, we ended up strolling through a cemetery.  It was a beautiful and peaceful spot-- and I would say the cemetery was also pretty ornate compared to the simple tombstone markers we're used to seeing back home.  It felt like a living place, though-- there were quite a few people coming in with flowers and gifts to pay respects to their departed loved ones.

Olympic stadium

Testing out a phone booth

Tombstone of a musician?

It's time to say goodbye to Athens, and to Greece-- I've had a wonderful holiday here, and I'll go home feeling relaxed.  Tomorrow I fly to Istanbul, Turkey, where I'll spend one night before flying home again via Montreal.  Fraser is staying on for a bit longer, though I have to return home to work.  It has been a fantastic past few weeks, and I can't wait till our next adventure together!

We love you, Athens... till next time! <3

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