Wednesday 12 September 2018

(April 2, 2018) Milos Island

It's easy enough to see why the colours of the Greek flag are blue and white: these are the colours of the ocean and its waves, the sky and its clouds-- the sea and the white houses dotting the Island of Milos.  We got on the ferry this morning, which stopped first at the islands of Serifos and Sifnos, before we arrived at the harbour of Milos, a beautiful island in the Cyclades.

We rented a small car, to help us get around and explore the island.  We checked into our hotel (Konstantinos Bed & Breakfast), and then walked a bit around the harbour town of Adamas, which is where we are staying.

It's already warm and springlike here-- the flowers are in bloom, and the beaches look inviting, but it seems like we've made it here before the tourist season starts, which is wonderful.  The pace here seems very relaxed, which is perfect for our short holiday.  There is a 600-year old church in town, with a bell tower, which we walked around and admired.  There were some local cats curled up and purring on the church steps.  It was a day to just relax and enjoy every moment, up until the sunset streaked its vivid colours across the sky.

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