Wednesday 12 September 2018

(April 4, 2018) Provatas Beach- A Day to Relax

Today, Fraser and I slept in and had a leisurely breakfast, before packing our beach towels and swimsuits for a day on the beach.  We decided to explore the southern side of the island, and ended up at Provatas Beach-- a beautiful, sandy beach with gentle waves coming in.  For the most part of the day, we were the only human beings there. 

As a freelance musician, who normally works very long, irregular hours, and juggles as much as I can possibly handle to make ends meet-- it's a challenge to just let go and relax.  Today I did my best to just envelop myself in all the simple pleasures: sea, sand, sunshine, a good book, and great company.  It's totally fine to just let go, and to be silly. 

This is what we (adults) all need more of-- unplugging from the work world, and connecting with the natural world.  Just stretching out on the beach with a good book, running into the ocean waves, curling your toes in the sand.  Enjoying the present moment.  It was a perfect day.

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