Tuesday 11 September 2018

(March 22, 2018) Ulcinj, Montenegro

After breakfast at the hotel, three of us went for a walk to explore one of the beach areas.  It was totally deserted, other than local workers fixing it up for the coming season.  It was still interesting to see-- I can imagine this area being a popular, affordable option for tourists from nearby.  Many of the signs are in German and English, as well as Montenegrin and Albanian (the two official languages of this region).

Empty beach below the city
Julia and Ken
Sea fisherman statue

Walking through town in the rain
In the later morning, we joined a guided tour through the old fortress on the cliff in Ulcinj, and had lunch near the beach.  There is lots of delicious pasta here, though I do miss the fresh vegetables we enjoyed every day in Albania.

Ethnographic museum
Child's bed

Looking out to sea

Stone carvings

Traditional costume

Three friends!

After a short afternoon nap at the hotel, we went to the theatre for a short rehearsal, followed by a concert.  The hall had quite good acoustics, though it was not heated (and it was a rather cold, windy day here), and the power went out for a few minutes during our rehearsal.  This was not an uncommon occurrence in the Balkans, as I'd learned from previous visits.  The concert itself went well-- and I sat in the audience for my own piece, "Equinox" (played one day after the spring equinox)-- and was able to get a recording.  After the concert, we had a reception at the theatre, followed by dinner around 11pm back at our hotel.

Another performance of "Equinox"-- one day after the spring equinox

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