Tuesday 11 September 2018

(March 20, 2018) Premiere in Gjirokaster!

Music Progressive Quartet with composer, Elizabeth Knudson

Concert programme

Yesterday evening was the premiere of my piece, "Equinox"-- and our first concert of the tour, at a theatre in the town of Gjirokaster.  We performed to a nearly-full house, and the highlight of my evening was seeing a little girl in the audience waving a Canadian flag in time to the Balkan rhythms in my piece.

Music Progressive Quartet, giving the premiere of my piece, "Equinox"

Music Progressive Quartet, our special guests from Macedonia (Vlad, Marko, Paskal, and Vlad) are joining us for the tour, since they are featured soloists in my piece.  It was also a blast to play new compositions by Jim Hopson (a trombonist, also on our tour), and Stefan Hintersteininger, also from Vancouver (though not on our tour).  Music Progressive Quartet also played some of their original music (by violist Marko).  It was a pleasure to see Maestro Bujar so well-received by the crowd in Gjirokaster-- probably many of whom had come over from his nearby hometown of Antigone.

An exciting premiere...

Vlad and Vlad 
Maestro Bujar, Paskal, and Marko

Post-concert, we bussed back to our hotel, and enjoyed a delicious feast to celebrate!  It's now morning, and we are packing up to move on to our next destination (TBD) today.  Apparently some roads were flooded on the coast, so we'll see where we end up enjoying this day off.  It was lovely to wake up to the sun rising over the spectacular snow-tipped mountains.  Here's to new adventures, and a lovely day ahead!

Outside Hotel Çajupi

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