Tuesday 11 September 2018

(March 26, 2018) On to Macedonia

We checked out of our hotel in Prizren, Kosovo, and waited for our tour bus, while standing near the bridge adorned with love locks.  I think most of us would've loved to have stayed at least another day to explore this interesting city.  We headed through the mountains to the border, to Macedonia-- at least the border crossing didn't take so long this time.

Loading the bus

It was still a long day of travel.  We checked into our hotel in Skopje in the late afternoon, and almost immediately headed back on the bus to our evening rehearsal and concert in Tetovo, Macedonia.  My piece was on the programme again, and it went well.  The concert was also televised live!

Performing my piece, "Equinox", with Music Progressive Quartet

Marko and Paskal


Trombone section

After the concert, we all went for dinner at a restaurant nearby-- my first real meal of the day.  Then, we headed back to our hotel in Skopje, and I think most of us were half-asleep by the time we got back.

Skopje by night

Wild creatures...

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